PETA Now Prada Shareholder

And they’re back at it again. Having bout shares in Hermès last year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has decided to go the same route once again by purchasing shares in Prada.

Wanting to spread information regarding the inhumane way the alleged companies; which supply products to Hermès and Prada are cruelly slaughtering ostriches; PETA posted a YouTube video called “Ostriches Killed for Hermès, Prada Bags,” with the video containing a 5 minute long inside look into the ostrich rearing industry in Western Cape, South Africa.

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That apparently wasn’t enough for them as the animal-rights organization has now announced that its fight against the sale of ostrich-skin handbags will continue  only this time as a shareholder of the Italian company.

This will entail that PETA representatives are now able to attend Prada’s annual meetings and make their case for ending “all exotic skin sales,” per a press release. “PETA is taking the fight against cruelty straight to Prada’s boardroom and demanding a permanent end to ostrich-skin handbags,” said PETA’s Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman in a statement.