Brioni Appoints Justin O’Shea As New Creative Director


If you’re an avid follower of street style, menswear or luxury e-commerce, then you’ve most likely stumbled upon Justin O’Shea, former buyer and famed street style star. If you still have no idea who we’re talking about, follow him on Instagram here.

Italian menswear brand Brioni appointed Mr O’Shea, who is well-known for his time as former global fashion director at the luxury e-tailer MyTheresa, as its new creative director. The news comes after the Munich based brand, which was acquired by the American luxury group Neiman Marcus in September 2014, announced O’Shea was leaving the company. In his new role at Brioni, O’Shea will be responsible for the brand’s collections as well as its image with his appointment taking effect on April 1st.

The appointment has been widely described as surprising, mostly because Mr O’Shea is a self-taught retailer with no formal design experience.

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Gianluca Flore, chief executive officer of Brioni, told BoF, “Challenging boundaries has always been in Brioni’s DNA and this choice confirms it once again. Justin soon emerged as the best choice for the brand’s creative direction as he has shown an accurate understanding of the company’s heritage and an assertive approach on how to reinforce our core values.”

O’Shea, who also chimed in on his latest gig had this to say regarding his appointment. “The menswear market of today offers unique opportunities and it was an easy decision to be part of the revitalising of this prized brand. I am fascinated by the unique and rich heritage of Brioni. This house has all the pieces of the puzzle — the craftsmanship, the quality and an incredible archive. I am eager to reinterpret all these elements and make them relevant for today’s customer.”


And there you have it kids. If you too want to become the Creative Director of a major fashion house, dress impeccably, get photographed by a ton of street style photographers, amass an Instagram following leaning towards the 100k mark and you’ve got the job. No need studying for the role. That’s just a waste of time innit? But on a more serious note, it’s actually good to know that degrees and/a PhD isn’t always necessary to get to where you are. As long as you have the drive and ambition, the world is your oyster…or in O’Shea’s case, your impeccably tailored 3 piece suit.