The Girl Who Fulfilled Her Spring/Summer Passions With Pazzion

There was once a girl who was locked up in a dark, drab tower. Desperately seeking to find a way out, she would go inside every room, checking nooks and crannies in the hopes that there will be some way she could finally escape from her lonely confinement.

One day, she stumbled upon a huge door just before the basement of the tower. It was the first time she’d seen this door, and so curiously approached it. As she swung the door open and turned on the light, she found herself inside a huge closet full of shoes of every shape and color fathomable. She’d never seen anything like this in the entire time she’d been searching for a way out of the tower.

She gently touched each glittering pair. Some had edgy cut-outs, while some had classic looks, but all of them had a feel of Spring to them. She thought sadly, “What good are all these beautiful pairs of shoes if there’s nowhere for me to go in them?”

A gold wooden clog then fell from one of the shelves. The gold leather looked so warm and inviting, especially against the blonde wood heel, and the gold-plated chain detail almost made her feel like she could run free in the sunshine outside. She took the other half from the shelf, set it down before her, and tenuously, she slipped her left foot in, and then her right.pazzion_310116_ss169488

Suddenly, she felt herself being embraced by a swirl of bright colors, oddly comforting instead of dizzying. Her dress had turned into pastel-colored flowy cotton that gently fluttered against her ankles as the light breeze blew in what appeared to be a beautifully manicured lawn.

She wheeled around in confusion. How did she get outside? She looked suspiciously at the wooden clogs that she was wearing, and slowly removed them from her feet. As soon as she did, the swirling colors came to take her back into the shoe closet once more. As she looked around at the surrounding shoes, an odd thought came to her. Could these shoes here be her way to the outside?  She slipped her feet into the clogs again, and just like before, she was transported to the manicured lawn.

She slipped off the clogs once more, and back she went into the closet. The next pair she tried on was a strappy blue platform wedge. It took her straight to what looked like a pier, where a gorgeous-looking yacht was awaiting for her to get on. Her cropped sailor pants, paired with the wedges, made her legs look longer and elegant. She didn’t want to get on the cruise just yet, however. She wanted to find out first where else she could possibly go with the rest of the shoes. And so, just like with the gold wooden clogs, she slipped her feet from off the wedges, and back she went into the closet.


A trendy crystal-inset pair of loafers that dazzled while at the same time looking sporty casual, as well with the other sports-inspired sportshoe with dimpled gold leather, brought her to an outdoor lane lined up with colorful flowers, perfect for strolling in the sunny spring afternoon, and what appeared to be an outdoor tennis game, respectively. She couldn’t quite believe herself. She was free to go practically wherever she wants! All it takes is a pair of great shoes.


Back in the closet, her eyes fell on a pair of a minimalistic heel, with two tones of metallic gold glimmer.  She couldn’t help but notice how the colors look like an elegant glass of champagne. She slowly slid her feet in, and once again was whisked off to a garden, this time where an intimate get-together was happening. With her soft, red dress and her champagne-colored heels, she easily stood out and was a sight to behold beneath the tangerine glint of the late afternoon sun.

The people in the garden party welcomed her warmly, leading her to the tables, offering her refreshing drinks and treats and regaling her with wonderful stories. She had a lot of fun meeting and talking with these new folks. They did not bother her with questions about where she came from and why she was there. They only kept telling her how it was important for her to follow her passions with something called Pazzion, that one thing that will help her pursue whatever dreams she may have, wherever it may be.

She wanted to stay for longer, too, but knew that she would have to go back to the tower. There was so much more to see and explore, like Summer, and she will need her magical shoes in the big, secret closet to take her there. With a smile on her face, she watched the sun set over a placid lake just across the garden, and slowly, took off her shoes.


She’s found her Pazzion in this wondrous Spring afternoon and she’s not going to let it go.

Pazzion’s Spring & Summer collection will launch in all Pazzion stores island-wide in Singapore on 24 March.

About the writer: Mabie is a freelance writer, full time dreamer and a valued member of the #TitasOfManila club. She recently rediscovered her passion for Orchard Road shopping when she visited Singapore last week and brought back with her a Uniqlo X Lemaire Spring Summer 2016 yellow cape which she plans to use in Japan. Follow her on Instagram: pulpedpastelmabie or on Twitter: mabie_a for her (mis) adventures