SOLVED: Sebastiano Navarra Stages First Solo Exhibit, “Puzzle: The Evolution of Communication” in Singapore

Image courtesy of Miaja Gallery

The Renaissance and the Pop-Art scene of the 1960’s may seem all too incompatible at first glance, but with the creativity of someone like Sebastiano Navarra, it shouldn’t be a problem. This, he showcases to the full extent in his new solo exhibition, “PUZZLE: THE EVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION.”

17 TITLE - FUTURISMO [ALONSO SANCHEZ COELLO - [Infante Isabela Clara Eugenia] Acrylic on wood 120x120cm Year 2015
Image courtesy of Miaja Gallery
Staged at the MIAJA GALLERY, the exhibit also becomes the Italian artist’s first foray into the Singaporean artist scene. Navarra has been very much recognized for his colourful and playful revival of the masters of the renaissance with more modern pieces by combining the paint and wood cut into puzzle shapes. All at once, he is able to present not just an interesting visual artwork, but also a characteristically rebellious, albeit traditional, one.

1 Miaja Gallery Singapore
Miaja Gallery in Singapore

No other place could have served as the perfect venue for an artist like Navarra as Miaja Gallery. It is easily Singapore’s newest vanguard of the arts, providing an imaginative space for various artists, ranging from painters, sculptors, installation artists, designers, and more. Supporting both local and foreign artists, Miaja Gallery becomes a most welcoming host to those who are compelled to express themselves artistically.

2 Miaja Gallery Singapore
Miaja Gallery in Singapore

Sebastiano Navarra’s art is described by the gallery as having a highly personalised message. Within Miaja Gallery, it just might very well have found its own comfortable niche, thanks to the synergetic approach to curating that French found Isabelle Miaja espouses.

Join Miaja Gallery in welcoming Sebastiano Navarra in the Singapore art scene. “Puzzle: The Evolution of Communication” which runs until March 1st, 2016.

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