Phoenix Rising from Lee Hwa Jewellery

Necklace from Lee Hwa Jewellery's Niessing Phoenix collection

This April 2016, look forward to the arrival of the striking beauty of the mystical Phoenix, artistically represented in the Niessing Phoenix Collection of Lee Hwa Jewellery.

The collection takes pride in its bold and innovative design symbolizing eternity, encompassing its necklace, bracelet and ring pieces. Bespoke craftsmanship shines through each architectural wonder as each disc is delicately wielded into identical forms, with 18K Rose Gold or 18K White Gold variants.

Visually breathtaking, the final product is both graceful and strong. The Niessing Phoenix Necklace, for example, is designed to beautifully drape over the contours of the human body. Each of the discs is intertwined delicately to make it appear fluid even in the slightest of movements. It also casts a soft glow, adding to its soft, flawless beauty.

Niessing Phoenix - Rings

Meanwhile, the bracelet and the ring are both made of either platinum or gold discs. Again made with unrivalled workmanship, the final pieces are undeniably works of wearable art, in three-dimensional form.

Understandably, the people behind the Niessing Phoenix Collection from Lee Hwa Jewellery could not be prouder of their latest offering.  Says Adeline Chang, Brand Manager for the jewellery design company, “Niessing’s commitment to design and modern innovation is exemplified in the latest Niessing Phoenix Collectino. These unique contemporary pieces, brushed in fine matte finish is the perfect chemistry of fine craftsmanship, exploration and adoption of state-of-the-art techniques that have resulted in wearable masterpieces.”

It won’t be available till April of 2016, but the Niessing Phoenix Collection will be having an exclusive launch at the ION Orchard shop of Lee Hwa Diamond Promenade in Singapore at the end of March. It’s still quite a bit of wait, but for sure, it will be worth it.

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