Loris Diran presents his blurred vision on the New York Fashion Week runway

Today, Loris Diran will unveil his award-winning Fall/Winter Collection at the DIMENNA CENTER FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC in New York. For this year’s New York Fashion Week, the menswear designer puts his collection on a journey entitled “BLURRED VISION” featuring a sportier attitude with a ‘downtown edge’.

Here, you can expect to see athletic wear sophisticatedly mixed with ready-to-wear designs interestingly envisioned to include military details. It’s meant to catch the attention, especially of those with a keen eye for unique details. Wool double knits, neoprene, technical performance nylon, optical jacquards, and fantasy tweeds have been craftily integrated by Diran in his new designs.

“New Look” is what he calls the uber soft, washed suiting that, despite the lack of padding and stiff interfacing, is still able to keep that slim, defined silhouette. His aim is to be able to provide a distinct, new sensibility that will further add to the vibrancy of this year’s most fashionable affair. Adding to this grand collection’s appeal is the exclusive use of the innovative MIKEL’S SHOES, regarded as among the most luxurious footwear brands in Portugal.

Also marking an important part of Diran’s designing history is his first ever collaboration with AVEDA, in partnership with Chief Hair Stylist JOHN REYMAN, and of course, using their finest natural hair products.

There’s certainly a lot of great things to look forward to in Loris Diran’s show on Monday. For those who would like to see it up close and personal, be there at 1:00PM to catch this exciting runway presentation.

Loris Diran was a European immigrant who grew up in the fashion-forward city of New York. Since his youth, he has been immersed in the arts, thanks to the creative community he was naturally exposed to. He went on to earn his degree in Fine Arts at NYU, and then headed straight to make his mark in the fashion industry by working under the tutelage of legendary design houses like Versace, Claude Montana, Omo Norma Kamali, and Chanel.

Traces of influence from these designers can be seen in his own works, particularly in the “Elegance with an Edge” lifestyle concept he applies.

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