Grace Coddington: The Woman Who Marries Art and Fashion

Grace Coddington Photo courtesy of New York Times.

As most of us have heard, after over 30 years in Vogue, Grace Coddington announced that she would be scaling down her role in the magazine. Ms. Coddington was a model before she was hired by Anna Wintour in 1988 as a Creative Director.

She would assume a new position in the magazine as the Creative Editor at large in which she would have to produce four editorials per year. Ms. Coddington is now free to pursue other interests outside the magazine.

Ms. Coddington was the breakout star in Vogue documentary: The September Issue.

But do we really know who is Grace Coddington? Especially, her unprecedented legacy in the fashion industry.

“Often described as the most influential fashion editor of the past 30 years, US Vogue creative director Grace Coddington has produced some of fashion’s most memorable imagery. Her pictures might be jolly and decadent or moody and mysterious, but they always tell a story – and a sweeping, vivid yarn at that.”

You could read more about what others in the industry think about her here in the Guardian.