Balmain’s Army of Male Supermodels

Balmain's army of Male supermodels with Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing PHOTO BY KEVIN TACHMAN

Standing out from the pack, Balmain’s menswear presentation for Fall Winter 2016 stepped out of the seemingly tamed sartorial aesthetic preference of the season and presented bold winter wear from frock coats to officer coats, most of them encrusted with crystal. Nothing short of audacious and unashamed display of details, the show was a definite highlight of Paris Fashion Week.

But the other scene stealer is the fact that we’ve seen the most male supermodels in one show with this one. Walking the runway includes, Jon Kortajarena, Sean O’Pry, Marlon TeixeiraBaptiste Giabiconi, Lucky Blue Smith , Filip Hrivnak and Francisco Lachowski. Seeing them walk one after the other just made us drool and appreciate the quality check involved in casting the ‘right’ models.

No wonder Balmain continues to be more prominent in the fashion radar! After their phenomenal launch of H&M x Balmain in November, putting together in one campaign the it girls of this generation, a strong runway showing cements their well-deserved media buzz.

Oliver Rousteing is definitely showing the other designers what it takes to survive the current fashion scene – a savvy combination of talent, hype, and popular culture to be a relevant brand for millennials. In an instagram infested show, you always need to show the audience what they want to see.

Baptiste Giabiconi Balmain F W 2016Filip Hrivnak Balmain FW 2016Francisco Lachowsi Balmain FW 2016Jon Kortajarena Balmain FW 2016Lucky Blue Smith Balmain FW 2016MarlonTeixeira Balmain F W 2016Sean O'Pry Balmain FW 2016