Slimane Leaving Saint Laurent?

Hedi Slimane leaving Saint Laurent?

It broke out sometime last week as rumour mills and hush whispers among industry insiders talk about a possible exit of Hedi Slimane from Saint Laurent.

According to sources there’s a failure to reach an agreement on the contract between the designer and the fashion house, leading to both parties preparing to part ways. More intriguing is the talks of Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello as front runner to be Slimane’s replacement emerged within the last few days.  Keeping the rock and roll vibe within Saint laurent aesthetics must have been a major consideration for the replacement.

Slimane single-handedly ushered a period of skinny tailoring when he was with Dior Homme. He took a break from fashion design and ventured into the arts and photography as his creative outlets. Never known to shy from controversy, he shocked the fashion world in 2012 when he re-christened Yves Saint Laurent into its current name Saint Laurent, his skinny tailoring was complemented by a minimalist but edgy graphic identity rebooting the fashion house into a new era. Commercially, Slimane helped revive Saint Laurent.

Here’s a great overview of Slimane’s journey with Saint Laurent from our friends from Stylight.

Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent - by Stylight

Vaccarello is currently working with Donatella Versace, helming Versus, her label’s contemporary line. Vaccarello’s sleek rock-inspired silhouette is seen by some insiders as a more refined version of Slimane’s grunge aesthetics. His possible entry can provide a sense of continuity (in aesthetics) but will bring a breathe of fresh air and a touch of innovation to the brand’s fashion proposition.

Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent
Anthony Vaccarello for Saint Laurent

The last few months of 2015 saw noted designers falling out with their French fashion houses – Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Lanvin. It’s been two weeks since the ‘industry rumour’ broke out and more often than not, rumours of departure in the industry are almost always proven to be true.

As they say, there’s no smoke without fire.