Korean Faces for Samsonite

As Korea-mania is spreading in the pop world,the fashion industry is quickly picking up the craze. With designers like Songzio and Lie Sang Bong getting great reviews for their artistry and creative vision – more Korean celebrities are becoming faces of major brands.

Quite recently, Samsonite RED has appointed prominent Korean actor Kim Woo-Bin and popular Korean actress Kim You-Jung as the new global ambassadors for the brand for 2016. The Korean personalities will be fronting Samsonite RED’s global advertising campaign for the Spring Summer 2016 collection, and participating in a line-up of marketing activities for the brand in 2016.

Affectionately called the “shoulder gangster” for his swoon-worthy broad, big shoulders, Kim Woo-Bin effortlessly wins the hearts of fans with his western appearance and masculine charm, as seen in his various commercial advertisements, TV drams, and movies. The handsome actor will return to the television screen in the first half of 2016 with a KBS2 drama titled “Mindlessly but Fondly”, where he will star alongside heroine, Suzy.

Samsonite RED - Kim You-Jung

Newly appointed Samsonite RED ambassador and Korean actress Kim You-Jung too is adored not only for her sweet, bubbly and loving personality, but also for her fresh-faced beauty. You-Jung has been receiving great support from the public since her debut as a child actress, hence it’s no surprise that she boasts a wide fan base across all ages and genders.

We actually don’t mind to see more Asian face fronting fashion brands (as long as it’s not PSY)  It’s time to celebrate diversity in Fashion!