BEWITCHING: Traditional Balkan Witchcraft in Photos

This project actually comes ripe just in time for the Halloween season, but to relegate it simply to that will be a blatant injustice to the artistry that went into this work.  Senka Mušić  is a graphic designer and photographer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. For her bachelor’s degree thesis, she decided to delve a bit deeper into their local culture, specifically on the Traditional Balkan Witchcraft.

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It may seem like an odd—and by odd, we mean creepy—choice of subject, but actually, the combination of photography and graphic design makes it such a perfect medium to transport the audience into what is otherwise an otherworldly, beautiful realm.

Just like photography, there is a curious subculture in the practice of witchcraft within the context of the Balkan traditions. The attractiveness and ugliness, mystery and horror, stories of the past which are meant to be kept secret all make for a very gripping and intriguing subject. Going beyond what is simply skin-deep, however, the photos let out the true essence and beauty of the Traditional Balkan Witchcraft.

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It also affords more information on the practice, as well as the many insights and differences between the male and female witches. Each has a different story to tell, each with a different approach and appreciation for the practice. As much as they belong to the same community, they remain steadfast in maintaining their individualities, which is deemed to be integral in witchcraft.

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Explained the artist Senka, “The final results are photos, posters, a logo and a small double-sided book, in the style of 18th and 19th century photography and Gothic medieval typography and scripts. The final photos are a fusion of fashion and art photography, something between a commercial and alternative approach, which was the goal of the project—how to create style guidelines of this theme and incorporate them into photography and design today.”

Have a gander at some of the photos and revel at how enigmatic and bewitching the Traditional Balkan Witchcraft is up close.

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