10 Male Models You Should Be Following on Instagram

Sean O'Pry for Mario Testino's Towel Series

So we’re in this stage of human civilization where we don’t carve out statues anymore to capture the beauty of the male form – we snap and share so that everyone can have a taste of the visual delight.

Needless to say the visual impact of instagram has forever changed the way we consume our fashion fix – more than the sunsets, amazing food plating and adorable pets – we look out for Instagram feeds of beautiful male models.

Instagram allowed these beautiful beings to share their own snaps of their life as a model, gorgeous selfies, and their day to day activities that looks like magazine editorials and of course more of their beautiful male model friends too. Their choice of moments to share gives us a glimpse of their personality and view of the world.

So to help you get through a terrible week (or any bad day really) we listed 10 of our favourite male models that you need to start following on Instagram.

Franciso Lachowski

Our absolute favorite – Chico is a perfect fusion of boyish charm and manly appeal. This hottie from Brazil features model friends and his adorable family in his insta account.

Sean O’Pry

The world’s highest paid male model – Sean saw a dramatic increase in fans when he starred in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video. We will always have a blank space for him. Always.

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Marlon Teixeira

Brazil’s multicultural society has produced some of the most beautiful men and women in the world and Marlon is a perfect example of that. See more of him on a daily basis. I’m sure that’s good for everyone.

Arthur Gosse

An embodiment of the French  je ne sais quoi – with just one look and you’ll know why he is one of the top male models of our time!

Joe Collier

One of those instagram accounts where his beautiful photos are complemented by his personality. Fun and outgoing, Joe’s insta gives us a preview of his world.

Back to the sort of summer I'm used to. England!

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Clark Bockelman

Blondes do have more fun! Clark is one of the laid-back male models that seem to have a knack in curating his photos. The good thing is he looks editorial ready even with candid shots.

Sung Jin Park

It’s great to see that the male modeling industry is getting more diverse and models like Sung Jin Park are getting much more attention. A staple of major runway shows, follow his adventures and appreciate his sense of humor through his insta account.

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David Gandy

Do we really have to tell you why he is in this list? He is DAVID friggin GANDY – the epitome of male masculinity in the modeling world. Just like any expensive wine, he gets better through the years.

Rob Evans

Speaking of masculine, Rob is nothing short of that. Through his short stint in America’s Next Top Model, he showed that he has personality. So more than just a pretty face and a body that can make anyone ask ‘are you photoshopped?’ Rob seems to be someone you’d like to cuddle hang out with.

🔞….. 😜. #mycalvins

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Matthew Noszka

We’re now regretting to just list 10 – we should have had MORE. Sigh… but fear not we have the ridiculously beautiful Matthew and his abs, I mean his smile – okay all three – rounding up this list. He is your quintessential jock at first glance, look closer and you’ll find more reasons to stare at him. His nuanced smile and admirable physique is a sure draw for brands and fans.

Friday vibezz… ✌🏼️

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