5 Cool Things about Givenchy’s New York Public Show

Givenchy's fashion show in New York City made accessible to the public

Fashion shows may run for just a few several minutes per design house, and yet, the work behind the scenes entailed in coming up with those precious minutes are no meager feat. Months—even years—of preparations and dedication to the craft are put into the show. When it comes down to it, these designers only have one chance to make a statement—nay, an impact—on the runway.

That’s why when carefully curated, artistic fashion shows like the one Givenchy Put up in New York last month, avid fashionistas cannot help but be in awe. There were so many cool things about that event, but here allow us to give you the top 5:

  1. Riccardo Tisci x Marina Abramović.

In case you were not aware, the said public show was actually co-art directed by no less than Givenchy’s Creative Director for Haute Couture, Riccardo Tisci, and controversial performance artist Marina Abramović. This collaboration definitely shows that art and fashion has a natural connection, so intrinsic and organic, and with the ability to make a stronger, more expansive connections.

  1. Multicultural soundtrack.

Fashion shows are major productions. It’s not just the clothes that will matter, but also the set design, including the lighting and the sounds. Not about to settle for basic production music, the fashion show used music from six different cultures—such as Ave Maris Stella and Buddhist chants—to lend beats and harmonious melody as all 88 featured looks are modeled on the runway.

  1. Hollywood celebrities graced the event.

When Givenchy comes to town, all the stars come down to bask in its presence. Or in this case, Hollywood celebrities like Erykah Baduh, Julia Roberts, and the daughter-father tandem of Liv and Steven Tyler. All of them had nothing but praises for the iconic designer, noting how he has capably elevated the brand further.

Said Liv Tyler, Riccardo, in his time there, has really transformed it into something very modern and new. I think it still has that elegance of Givenchy, but it’s like a new interpretation of Givenchy and I think that really resonates with people now in a good way.

  1. First ever public show for the brand.

Public shows hardly ever happen, especially for couture houses like Givenchy. What makes this even more special, however, is that it happened in New York, in clear view of the Freedom Tower, and on the 9/11 anniversary itself. Making it more special is that they were joined by as much as 1,200 members of the public, making it certain that their art and fashion has reached even greater heights that night alone.

  1. The show’s message of love, above all.

Leave it to Abramović to make a deeply sentimental pronouncement in a haute couture fashion show. The notes she read before the models walked out said, “The event that we are creating together is about forgiveness, inclusivity, new life, hope and, above all, love.”  Keeping in line with this theme are performance artworks with equally thought-evoking titles of “Ladder to Remind Us of the Cycle of Life and Love,” and “Trees to Give Support and Life Force.” Tie it all up with the other features of the show, and you’ve got a refreshing impact and feel to what could easily have otherwise been just another fashion show.

The lifeline of fashion is innovation, always. With this new approach to sharing high fashion to the public with a performance art theme, there’s no question why Givenchy remains to be one of the most renowned in the industry.

You can watch the show below

About the writer: Mabie has recently transitioned from digital content to in-house marketing practice, but intends to continue writing about events and lifestyle products on the side for some “writing R&R”. Being in a software developing company, she oddly finds comfort in the fact that she is surrounded by I.T. practitioners, developers and math people, in general, because she is not one. At all. Follow her (mis) adventures on Instagram: pulpedpastelmabie or on Twitter: mabie_a