11-Year-Old Boy Models Heels and Handbag

Frasse Johansson Acne Frasse Johansson for Acne

Acne is definitely going to create a splash with this ad campaign.

Frasse Johansson, the 11-year-old son of Acne’s Creative Director Jonny Johansoon, shows that gender expression is no longer comes in two boxes.

“I’ve seen this new generation’s attitude to fashion where the cut, the shape and the character of the garment is the crucial thing, rather than seeking approval from society or to follow set norms,” Jonny Johansson explained. “I immediately pictured Frasse, since he embodies this new breed to me. I asked him and I’m happy that he wanted to be a part of the campaign.”

You can see for yourself how fantastic he looks in rocking the frock.


We are actually quite stoked about this ad campaign. First of all, it looks aesthetically pleasing – the composition, the attitude, and the clothes themselves, perfectly styled. 

Acne Frasse Johansson
Frasse Johansson

Second, we are inching closer to blurring the gender divide. We found those two boxes a little bit constrictive. There is something exceptionally beautiful to see that the narrow perceptions of what the societal construct considers feminine and masculine have widened. 

Take the colour blue and pink for example who are closely associated with male and female respectively. The close association that blue is for boys only permeated to our society conscience in the 20th century, at least in the United States. 

In fact, according to the same study, we differentiate children by gender much more than we did 150 years ago. 

If only we can think outside the box, it would be such a wonderful place to live in. We can dream, right?