Ralph Lauren Brings Sensory ‘Smartshirt’ To Market For $295

Ralph Lauren Smartshirt

“Twelve months ago, the apparel giant made headlines when it announced that it had developed an athletic shirt embedded with silver fibers and sensors that would allow the wearer to capture biometric information (including heart rate, breathing rate and depth, movement, steps taken and calories burned) and transmit it, via a little black box attached to the shirt, to an accompanying iOS app. Up until that point, fashion brands’ experiments with wearable technology had been — and indeed, still are — largely confined to accessories, like Opening Ceremony x Intel’s “smart” bracelet and the Tory Burch-designed Fitbit.

The shirt is made of a black technical fabric in a short-sleeved crew-neck style, and embroidered with both “POLO” and the company’s hallmark polo-player logo in bright yellow. Attendees of the 2014 U.S. Open had an early opportunity to see the shirt when it was worn by a first-time player as well as a handful of ball boys.”

It will come with a fitness-tracking app and goes on sale August 27th.

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