Teenage Girls Flock To Calvin Klein Show

There was a new breed of lurkers outside Calvin Klein’s menswear show during Milan Fashion Week on Sunday: teenage girls, in orderly but excitable groups, waiting patiently for male models.


Increasingly, male models are building followings on social media – something Calvin Klein has been keen to capitalise on. In the run-up to its show this season, the brand posted topless shots of the models who would be walking on the runway to 1.8m Instagram followers, along with fun facts (Andre Doyley, 22, is “a big Kenny Rogers fan”, for example).

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We are not surprised. The new crop of models is quite tech-savvy and it is a great spring board for them should they want to pursue careers outside of modelling cough Cara Delevigne. The problem is now, with thousands of other models with similar great physiques, they need to be able to distinguish themselves from the flock. It’s harder for male models who generally do not have much visibility to begin with and maybe this might be the era of the rise of the male supermodel. 

Speaking of the Calvin Klein collection, we’re a little bit disappointed with the colour palate. Yes, it’s autumn/winter, but it doesn’t have to be depressing. We’re not in the era of economic depression yet. See more of the collection here