Cadillac to Sponsor New York Fashion Week for Men

While the New York womens’ collections have failed to land a car company to replace longtime title sponsor Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac has signed on to become the first-ever automotive backer of New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

The agreement, signed to last two seasons, includes producing a variety of related events and providing Cadillac vehicles as shuttles for attendees. Shinola, Amazon Fashion, and Dreamworks have also been confirmed as sponsors for the fashion week focusing on menswear.

“I am very much interested in taking Cadillac into the world of fashion,” Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen tells us. “The whole idea of beginning to strengthen Cadillac’s position as a lifestyle brand is very much central to our mission. This is a good start. … It should be interpreted as a clear statement of intent that we will walk with a heavy footstep in the fashion world.”

Read more on Bloomberg.

Mercedes-Benz is rumoured to be backing a competing event called the MADE fashion week,as we previously reported, although no official confirmation has been given. It will be tough to disassociate New York Fashion Week with Mercedes-Benz as the luxury automobile brand has been quite synonymous with the Fashion Week for years now. 

The only thing less vibrant will be the faces of the buyers and the editors scuttling around between the two.