Kris Van Assche Closes Own Label

Kris Van Assche, the designer behind Dior Homme, has announced that he is closing his eponymous label. He decided to “take a break” to focus his creativity more on the Dior Homme label.

Times are tough for independent labels,” Van Assche said to WWD. “This wonderful adventure has reached a point where I feel the need to take a break and some distance to better think about how to develop my brand in the future.”


Time is tough for independent designers – even when you have mega-corporations as your backing. If we are to read between the lines, Kris Van Assche might be experiencing a creative burnout. It is understandable as it is incredibly difficult to create, maybe,16 different collections per year (8 for Dior Homme and 8 for his own label). 

We understand it’s Dior and the Nouveaux riches are into brands with in-your-face placated logos, but if we are to choose, we’d rather go for lesser-known brand with aesthetic that might be a little bit obscure, but unique. It’s a shame.