Uber for Tailors is Coming

Though he was ousted from Men’s Wearhouse, George Zimmer still wants you to “like the way you look” — only this time with an app.

Once the gravelly voiced, graybeard face of the retail chain he founded, Mr. Zimmer has been refashioning himself as a technology entrepreneur. On Monday, he will unveil his new company, zTailors, a website and app that connects customers and their frumpy wardrobes with on-demand tailors who are ready to make house calls.

“It’s Uber for tailors,” Mr. Zimmer, 66, said in an interview.

Backing the nascent company with his own money, Mr. Zimmer says he believes that zTailors — yes, the “z” is for Zimmer — has the potential to transform millions of ill-fitting garments into like-new items.

Read more here on NYTimes.

This is where the tech industry is heading to now, the sharing-economy app, and we can’t tell whether this ZTailors will be successful. The previous similar model app, Combat Gent, has failed to gain any traction. It is not mass-market enough and while Bespoke is certainly growing, it is not as affordable as fast-fashion chain. Although, with this app introduction, the bespoke price will be pushed down as there might be a healthy pool of competition. 

However, the sharing-economy model is promising. We’d like to see the fashion industry tinkers on with this, like maybe for personal shoppers?