Adidas Sues Marc Jacobs

This is quite unheard of.

Adidas, a company famous for producing sportswear, is suing Marc Jacobs for producing “confusingly similar imitations” of its iconic three-stripe motif. Adidas filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs International over a four-stripe motif on Marc Jacobs sweatshirts. Adidas accused the designer of having blatantly “mislead and deceived consumers” into thinking the garments were Adidas designs.

Adidas vs Marc Jacobs
The stripe in question. Adidas (left) vs Marc Jacobs (right)

“The purchasing public has come to associate the Three-Stripe Mark with Adidas,” according to the lawsuit. “Marc Jacobs’s merchandise is likely to cause confusion, deceive the public regarding its source, and dilute and tarnish the distinctive quality of Adidas’ Three-Stripe Mark.”

In the lawsuit, Adidas called Mr. Jacob’s actions a “blatant disregard” of its rights and has asked the court to prevent the luxury brand from selling and marketing the designs. The company also requested for Marc Jacobs International to give up the profits from any of the items already sold, as well as pay unspecified damages.

This case sounds similar to Louboutin vs YSL red sole.  The lawsuit was dismissed by a New York judge.