Met Gala 2015: Humans of New York Edition

Our favourite page on Facebook, the Humans of New York, has been invited by Vogue to capture the human moments behind the dizzying facade of the most highly-anticipated event in the fashion calendar, the Met Gala 2015.

Brandon Stanton, the man behind the overwhelmingly positive Facebook page, has a special talent to pry open vulnerabilities from his subject. So far, Mr. Stanton has photographed 5,000 New Yorkers, and during the Met Gala, his focus was on less-known personalities and the people working behind the scene to make sure that Gala would be a success.

Grace coddington human of new york met gala
“They forced me into having an Instagram.”

“My favorite moments were the interviews with the employees working and catering the event,” Mr. Stantion said.

He has interesting experience involving celebrities though, mostly, on how they maneuvered their ways to get out from his interview request.

“Each of them rejected my interview request in a unique and special way.”

human of new york met gala
“It was hard to see my father not become all that he wanted to be. He brought my family here from Trinidad. He really believed in the marketing of the American dream, and he thought that he’d become a DJ on the radio. He loved music and had the gift of gab. But he didn’t understand the system and he came too late in life to make the proper connections. So he ended up using his gift of gab to sell cars.”
Derek Jeter Human of New York Met Gala
What’s your favorite thing about each other?”
“We’re fine with just a picture, thanks.”

You can see more of the pictures here on Vogue.

Our favourite photo, amongst many others, in his Facebook page is this one, the lady is simply fabulous:

Humans of New York
“I only wear my own dresses. Whenever I sit, I knit.”