Man Bag: Problem in the Name

Meanwhile, stores’ men’s departments are making room for the broadening variety of men’s bags. This fall at Saks Fifth Avenue, “you will not be able to walk in the men’s department without seeing a lot of bags,” says Eric Jennings, a vice president and men’s fashion director at the retailer.

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Terms like “manbags” and “murses,” or men’s purses, “are becoming irrelevant,” says Mr. Jennings. “There is a whole new generation of young men who clearly don’t have a stigma around things like carrying a bag, and it’s rubbing off on the more classic guy. The proof is in the numbers.”

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We personally despise gender-identifier attaches to an object like “man bag” or “boyzillian”. The term is redundant and it certainly doesn’t make it more masculine – if that was the initial objective. 

There is nothing wrong in men who like to take care of themselves, either by splurging their hard-earned salaries on nice outfits or treating themselves to nice relaxing pedicure and manicure treatments. If anything, it makes them confidently sexy as it shows that they are not afraid to be more open or experience new adventures.