Is Eva Chan the New Anna Wintour?

Anna Wintour and Eva Chen. Anna Wintour and Eva Chen. Photo courtesy of Telegraph.

“…since her appointment in June 2013, 35-year-old Eva Chen has broken out of the ivory tower of traditional fashion-magazine editors. The intimate insights into her world to which her followers – she currently has 337,000 on Instagram and 107,000 on Twitter, plus more on Tumblr, Snapchat and Vine…”

Eva Chen
Eva Chen

“The fashion industry’s elitism no longer serves it, Chen believes. “We’re a show-and-tell generation. People want to see behind the scenes. The more involved and invited they are, the closer affinity they have to your brand. The new generation of designers, like Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang, have hundreds of thousands following them on social media, who will probably never be able to afford their dresses, but still feel a loyalty to them. So when that designer writes a book or launches a beauty line, they might pick that up.”

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The notion that an Editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine needs to appear aloof and elitist has long past its expiry date. The image is so outdated, it doesn’t resonate well in the user-generated content era where a public figure can be much more relatable, much more human-like. We see this trend appearing in almost every level of public podiums from Politicians to Celebrities to Chefs. 

Anna Wintour

Even Anna Wintour is going away with that public perception. The icy queen was notorious to not want to appear in public interviews unless it was a high-brow publication like her rare interview where she openly discussed the untimely demise of Gianni Versace.

Why would you allow the middle men to drive your narrative when you can command the story on your own through the click of a button?

Unfortunately though, movies, like the Devil Wears Prada, help to glamourise this very public personae resulting in dozens of mini-HBICs trying so hard to emulate Anna Wintour the character, not Anna Wintour the person. 

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