Stylists Rule Paris Fashion Week

“The true stars of the Paris Fashion Week, which closed Wednesday, were not the designers, nor the clothes. They were the stylists. From Céline’s sexed-up chaos to Louis Vuitton’s feral glitz, everything looked incredibly polished, painstakingly put-together and immaculately picture-worthy, even when the underlying idea was that of a certain seedy messiness, as with the collection shown by the up-and coming label Vetements, its studious unbalance perfected to the nth degree.”

Autumn/Winter 2015
(L-R) Valentino, Givenchy, Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2015 | Image courtesy of Business of Fashion

“This is the era of the montage, after all. Style is the pervasive rule, which means an emphasis not on the what (the actual pieces or their design), but on the how (the assemblage). This is where stylists cement their power.”

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