Men’s Style Tips: How To Dress Up Without Looking Boring

Stefanus Wong Stylist: Stefanus Wong Model: Eric Bell

“I don’t really want to take men too far out of their comfort zone, so you’d like to stick to silhouettes that they know — staying with the traditional tailored tux pant and fitted blazer — but using fabrics that you wouldn’t typically expect like sequins and bright coloured velvet,” said Wigley, who also helms womenswear label Clan Gordon and unisex line Ease.

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We know it’s difficult to dress away from the usual shirt and jeans combo – they’re comfortable. Cute for a night out with the lads, but not cute when you’re on a date with a lass.  So being the kind souls that we are, we have compiled a few tips on how to upgrade your wardrobe:

1. Peacock-ing

Has anyone read the book titled the Game? There was one take-away advice that was given, and it was called Peacock-ing. Or in fashion, we call it the ‘Statement Piece’. It is the idea of making one item in your ensemble so eye-catching, that it will make you literally stand out in a crowd and be a great conversation piece. Get your background story about that item in your head so when people compliment or ask questions, you can build a decent conversation. Just one item, though. Not ten. You’re not a walking billboard. 

Scarf as the statement piece. Photo courtesy of
Scarf as the statement piece. Photo courtesy of

2. Contrast

We always love seeing a good contrast in an ensemble either from the colour, the material or the silhouette. If you’re wearing a heavily decorated top or shirt, pair it down with dark-coloured jeans. Same rule applies with showing some skin, unless you’re on the beach. If you’re wearing a sweater, try pairing it with short shorts. 

Grey sweater, yellow pants
Wonderful contrast – material, colour, silhouette

3. Fit

One of our biggest pet peeves is when we see men wearing an outfit that is either too loose or too tight. It is highly unflattering. The chart below is quite self-explanatory:

How To Dress
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4. Ignore Trends

The most important rule of all: Don’t follow trends. Create your own. 

Do you have any other men’s style tips to recommend?