Naomi Campbell vs Cara Delevingne Cat Fight

It was a screaming and weave-pulling mess at Paris Fashion Week as it is alleged that one of the most prolific supermodels (and Queen Mother), Naomi Campbell, fought with her younger counterpart, Cara Delevingne.

Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar USA
Image courtesy of Harpers Bazaar USA

According to Page six, the two models got into a heated argument over Rihanna while at a chic party for Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Magazine at Paris club Castel Sunday night.

The witness claimed Ms. Campbell was furiously shouting at Ms. Delevingne and the pair began shoving each other. Sources also explained that the junior model pulled Ms. Campbell’s weave during the brouhaha.

Cara Delevigne for Burberry.
Cara Delevigne for Burberry.

“Naomi accused Cara of ‘disrespecting’ Rihanna and started yelling, ­before Naomi pushed Cara, who pushed back.” Another witness added, “Cara pulled Naomi’s weave, but it didn’t come off.”

This morning, Ms. Campbell denied the allegation of the altercation on Twitter.

Ms. Campbell is notorious for her hot-headed temper. She has been involved in several high-profile assault cases involving her helpers from 1998 to 2008. In 2007, she admitted guilt for throwing a Blackberry Personal Organiser at her former housekeeper, Ana Scolavino.

In 2007, Ms. Campbell was sentenced to do five days of community service with New York’s sanitation department in which she documented her ordeal in an article she wrote with W magazine, titled “The Naomi Diaries”. During her community service, Ms. Campbell was well known to show up in designer garbs from head to toe, including fedoras, fur and a silver-sequined Dolce and Gabbana gown.

In 2013, Ms. Campbell allegedly sabotaged her protégé’s career, Luo Zilin, for dating her Russian billionaire ex-boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin.