David Gandy On Being A Gentleman

David Gandy

If you have not noticed, David Gandy is more than just his good looks and chiseled Greek god physique. He writes too. Gandy is a contributor for the Telegraph UK’s Fashion and Style section. Occasionally, his coloumn features an Agony Aunt section in which he dishes out advice to the us mere mortals, who seek to emulate an inch of his perfection, like this one titled – ‘How to Be a Gentleman.’


On Style

A gentleman doesn’t follow fashion. He’s more of an individual, he stands out, with the confidence to go against the grain and without a care for what other people think.

On Work

He doesn’t understand the words “that cannot be done”. He does not give up. When faced with challenges, he finds solutions, works harder, works smarter.

On Travel

He’s more likely to be found hiking the great Inca Trail in Peru, trekking in search of endangered wildlife, canoeing in Alaska or heli-skiing in the Rockies than lazing on a beach or by the pool.


On Status Symbol

You will rarely see a gentleman overtly showing his success or wealth; he’s more likely to shy away from displays of good fortune, preferring to be judged on reputation instead.

On Selflessness and Humility

He is considerate and well mannered towards others. There are people who do nothing for others, some who talk about doing things for others, and then there are just the people that just DO. Gentleman DO!

David Gandy Invites you in. Photo courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana.
David Gandy Invites you in. Photo courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana.

On Chivalry

He holds chivalry and politeness in great regard. He holds the door for people; he gives up his seat, he takes off his coat to a lady on a cold evening, he still believes in these now old-fashioned actions, even though the world has changed somewhat.

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