Spotlight: Etxeberria Fall / Winter 2015

Etxeberria, hailed from Madrid, is a brainchild of a fashion designer named, Roberto Lopez Etxeberria. The brand recently won the prestigious National Award for Fashion New Value.  He has been invited to showcase his collection, PURA PIEL” SS2015 menswear, next September 7 in the official section of the Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week catwalk.

Etxeberria will launch their first ever womenswear collection in Madrid on September 13.Etxeberria_fw15_fy1


Etxeberria_fw15_fy2 Etxeberria_fw15_fy4
Etxeberria_fw15_fy3 Etxeberria_fw15_fy7
Etxeberria_fw15_fy10 (1)
Etxeberria_fw15_fy12 Etxeberria_fw15_fy16


You can view more of his collection at Source.

We’re quite excited to launch our new section, titled Spotlight.

As we all know, the fashion industry is saturated with new designers coming in per season. During each major fashion week, we are presented with an average of 10-12 new designers. This section Spotlight will feature new or obscure designers whose presentations we find particularly interesting – whether it’s in the material, design, sillhouette or just the overall presentation. 

You don’t have to agree with our choices, but that’s what we think is fun.  We welcome any discussions on what you think. Just keep it cute and constructive.