New York Men’s Fashion Week: Yes, It’s Happening


This will be the first-ever New York Fashion Week dedicated solely to Men’s fashion and will follow the much-ballyhooed success (as well as the name) of London Collections: Men, which was introduced in 2012.

It also follows every other men’s fashion week on the schedule (London, June 12-15; Milan, June 20-23; Paris, June 24-28) as well as couture (July 5-10), making the men’s wear season almost as demanding and time-consuming as women’s wear, and eating well into everyone’s summer.

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This sounds like a wonderful idea but we’re not quite sure whether the world needs another Men’s Fashion Week, if they’re going to offer the same narrative as Women’s Fashion Week. While it is nice to know that men are being catered to, we have difficulties in seeing innovation coming from New York. 

As with the New York Women’s Fashion Week, they tend to champion preppy street wear or sporty looks. London, on the other hand, makes sense on paper as they have produced tremendously quirky designers like Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Gareth Pugh that perfectly represent the spirit of London – rebellious with a hint of rich heritage. The same goes with Milan and Paris. All these cities have offered niche voices in the fashion spectrum that are hard to replicate. 

When you think about couture, you think about Paris. When you think about suits, you think about Milan. But we have yet to see a very strong identity for New York, except perhaps, commercial. 

But for now, we’re not convinced.