3 Fashion Bloggers Work in Cambodian Sweat Shop

sweatshop deadly cheap fashion

We’ve all heard about the horrible living conditions of those who slave away to make our everyday clothes. When such an article does pop up, we read it, feel bad for about 30 seconds, then move on with our lives until the next horrible headline graces our television/internet screens.

SweatShop Dead Cheap Fashion is the latest reality import from Norway, broadcasted in November 2014 which explores the grim reality behind the glitzy staging of fast fashion. The reality show revolves around 3 fashion bloggers, Anniken, Ludwig and Frida, from Norway who have to experience the daily struggle of Cambodian sweat shop workers.

Over the course of a month, the bloggers discovered the harrowing reality of their passions from working 7 days a week for 10 hours or more to living on a daily wage of less than US$3, to sleeping in a bedroom not bigger than their bathrooms back in Norway.

Youtube teaser is here:

The entire season of the show is available on Aftenposten’s website, all subtitled in English of course.