What Men’s Fashion Shows Mean for the Average Guy

Notice the dark blue hue trend for Spring Summer 2015.
Notice the dark blue hue trend for Spring Summer 2015.

“They’re trade shows meant for press and buyers to dissect and edit,” says Isabelle Kountoure, fashion director at Wallpaper* magazine, “but what is presented at the shows trickles down to the broader industry and becomes trends that all men inevitably buy into. What we’re wearing reflects where we are in society—that’s what makes the men’s shows so interesting.”

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If you stumble upon videos on menswear collections on Youtube or if you happened to be invited to a menswear fashion show, as an average guy, you need to notice two things: 

1. Trends. 

Of all the shows you watched, what was the trend that kept repeating itself on the runway? What colour appeared the most often at the show?

Each season usually carries an over-arching pattern, say laser-cut print shirts or floral pants for example.

You notice a cinched in waist throughout the shows and you think you are able to pull off the look and you therefore start noticing the techniques that the designers use to cinch the models’ waists in. Are they using belts? If yes, how do they tie the belts? Start experimenting before the season starts. Fashion shows usually predict trends 6 months in advance. 

Notice the way Burberry ties the scarf
Notice the way Burberry ties the scarf

2. Dissect

Not all clothes that walk down the runway will be suitable for you. You need to edit. Let’s take a look at this picture below, from Burberry Spring Summer Menswear 2015:

Burberry Spring Summer 2015
Burberry Spring Summer 2015

You don’t want to copy and paste the entire ensemble, that’ll make you a fashion victim. You need to dissect.

Pants: get the ochre trousers on the far left. They have a nice colour. 

Coat and shirt: take a cue from the navy blue coat and the white shirt on the far right. They will subdue the orange colour of the pants. 

And if all else fails, stick to the items of clothing which you feel work for you and add an interesting accessory to compliment it. There’s no need to go all out if you don’t have the confidence to pull it off.