Style Profile: Joe Labero

 Joe Labero (1)

Illusionist extraordinaire Mr Joe Labero comes back to Asia for an exciting new show. After the successful run of INCANTO in 2013 and A NIGHT OF MAGIC AT RAFFLES in 2014, Joe Labero is back in Singapore from 16 January – 22 February 2015 for a new show titled A NIGHT OF MAGIC AT RAFFLES.

Expect mind-blowing illusions prepared by this world-class illusionist, incorporating nature’s most powerful element – fire – assisted by guest performers and fire artistes – Burnt Out Punks. The show promises to present brand new illusions that have never been seen before.

The team from A Collective Edit had a quick catch-up with him and he readily shared his spell-binding thoughts with us.

ACE: Can you tell us more on how you got started in performing?

JL: I got a magic box from my parents when I was 12. I was playing hockey then but was spellbound with magic from the start. I tried doing both in the beginning but then magic got all of my attention. In 1980, I won the Swedish Junior

Championships in magic, and the year after I was sent to the United States of America to perform during the Swedish-American National Celebrations Day.

ACE: Can you kindly share challenges encountered when you first started performing?

JL: My biggest challenge was that I actually didn´t know so many illusions back then so I had to work hard with the ones I knew. But it has always been more than magic for me—it is a performance where the production with lightning, sound and ambience is very important. I like to work with all senses.

ACE: What’s the most difficult feat you’ve accomplished to date?

JL: I caught a bullet from a gun once in an English TV-show. That was thrilling. I was really scared.

ACE: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

JL: No, but I do like to be early at the venue and feel the atmosphere.

ACE: Do you tailor the show to suit your audience?

JL: Yes I try to. Right now we are working with acts that include the atmosphere in Singapore and elements of the upcoming Singapore 50. And of course I have the Singapore Sling in the show.

ACE: How do you get audience engaged? Singapore is known to be a tough audience to please, is there anything special in this show?

JL: The show is involving the audience – I always try to keep them engaged sometimes I even take it to a personal level, for example, address them by name, and the audience seems to like it.

ACE: Any message for young ones who plan to follow a similar career path?

JL: Practice, practice and practice. Don´t go for too many illusions too fast, learn a few and learn them well.

ACE: What’s a fashion item must have for you?

JL: I´m crazy about shoes. Shoebiz!