“Lumbersexual” Thrusts Hipsters into the Spotlight

Photo courtesy of Gawker.

By now, you have heard the term, Lumbersexual. It has been decorating our Facebook newsfeed for days with girls and guys vowing that this is one sexual trend they could get behind (no pun intended). Every few years, we have people throwing newly-coined sexual terms like Metrosexual and Spornosexual, and they hardly stick.

The new phenomenon is actually quite old. It has always been there, lurking somewhere between the deep dark shadow of society. Masculine-looking, bearded guys with lumberjack shirts and beanie hats have been around even before Tumblr was invented. It was just hiding, avoiding public views as those considered hipsters are allergic to the spotlight like Edward from Twilight to a sun light.

Photo courtesy of Trendhunter.com
Photo courtesy of Trendhunter.com

Maybe, people overused the term “Hipsters”, that they have decided to create a new cult. The New York Magazine in January 2010 has noted the trend back then and named it the, “Urban woodsman”. Perhaps, the term was as catchy as Lumbersexual. Anything that is named after sex, it’s usually quite easy to sell.

Bustle, quoted on an interview by cbc.ca, takes a more concise approach to the purported trend, writing that a lumbersexual is “more like the dirty hipster who dresses kind of like a lumberjack to sip PBRs at a bar in Williamsburg rather than, you know, turn trees into lumber.”

Like the metrosexual he is said to be replacing, the lumbersexual tends to reside in urban centres like New York, Los Angeles and even Toronto (particularly it’s notoriously hip West Queen West neighbourhood.)

And while we can confirm that there are indeed many young bearded men wearing expensive flannel shirts in the downtown core of Canada’s largest city, some have taken up issue with the assertion that “lumbersexual” will ever take off as a name for this trend.

PickWick Magazine menswear editorial with Chris Millington
PickWick Magazine menswear editorial with Chris Millington

“It goes without saying that virtually no man ever called himself a metrosexual, which really just referred to men who shopped for their own pants, went to the gym, and used moisturizer,” wrote Peter Lawrence Kane for The Bold Italic. “So don’t expect the term Lumbersexual to blow up, no matter how ubiquitous Lumbersexuals become.”

Read more here on Cbc.ca.

RIP guys like me who can’t grow a beard. We’re a dying breed, save us. Maybe we should start a trend calling it, “anysexual” – just a man who is comfortable dressing up anything but the trend.