Can Men’s Brands Conquer the Women’s Market, and Vice Versa?

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013


Despite the risks, in today’s competitive market, many companies simply can’t afford to miss out selling to half the population. The women’s apparel market reached $116.4 billion last year—that’s profit that Bonobos couldn’t touch without AYR. The men’s grooming industry is similarly booming: It’s currently valued at $6 billion and is expected to grow six percent this year—an increase Birchbox is primed to capitalize on.


If there is the “next” anything in fashion, it’s the menswear industry. We felt the limitation as we were doing round of our Christmas shopping as we couldn’t find enough selection of sales items online for men. There are numerous websites dedicated to menswear who are selling one basic shirt to another that look indistinguishable. It’s 2014, where is the androgynous section?