Is Men’s Fashion “Weird or Boring”?

John Galliano Spring 2011 Menswear
Menswear Backstage at John Galliano Spring 2011 Menswear

Taking that final sentence and running with it, Freeman (an award-winning fashion writer and author of a book called The Meaning of Sunglasses: A Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable) concludes that menswear’s problem – as an industry – is that it can only ever be two things: weird or boring. And that’s why men generally, she argues, simply don’t care about it.

Now, apart from that statement being wilfully condescending and deliberately provocative, it’s also plain old not true.


Gareth Pugh FW 2010.
Gareth Pugh FW 2010. Photo courtesy of

As mentioned on our previous response regarding similar subject, It is utter rubbish. Men’s fashion, especially those showcased on the runway since the last decade, has been wildly diverse (see Gareth Pugh’s punk rock couture, Yohji Yamamoto deconstructed aesthetic or John Galliano’s hobo chic takes on menswear).

Alas, commerce takes precedent than creativity. The clothes we see on the runway often don’t translate well in the market because men, unfortunately, are still stuck in a rigid binary gender role.

In that subject when people criticise men’s fashion as weird and boring, we agree but we have no one to blame but us, men, for not pushing the boundaries one inch at a time.