Simon Doonan Sounds Off on Fringe & Hippie Fashion

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Hippie fashion is back for men. Is that a good thing?

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“My name is Simon Doonan, and I am a … fringe-aholic.”

First, fellas, for God’s sake, go easy on the Western wear. A little goes a long way—just a soupçon, I beg you. A cowboy shirt OR a hat OR boots—never all three. And please mix it up. You can cut some of that yee-haw with a pair of Ray-Bans or some groovy Adidas sneaks. If you go cowboy head-to-foot you will end up looking more Don Imus than Dennis Hopper.

While we’re on the subject of cowboys, let’s talk ponchos, because, like it or not, you ARE going to be wearing one this coming winter. Yes, you will be wearing headbands and caftans and beads, and yes, you will be growing your hair to nipple length as fast as possible, but the key components of your look will be inspired by some seriously butch frontier drag.

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