Dolce & Gabbana Found Not Guilty of Tax Evasion

They're free! Dolce & Gabbana. Image courtesy of the
They're free! Dolce & Gabbana. Image courtesy of the
They’re free! Dolce & Gabbana. Image courtesy of the

‘Hip-hip hooray!’ Or at least that’s what we think Dolce and Gabbana would have said when they were found not guilty of tax evasion last Friday.

The ruling made headlines last weekend after Italy’s highest court dished out their ‘not guilty’ verdict to the Italian designers ending a decade-long dispute with the Italian government.

Dolce & Gabanna were found guilty in April by an appeals court which sentenced the party to 18 months in jail and fining them over $550 million. The designers defence team then decided to go to the top court with a final appeal. Their argument which stated that Dolce & Gabbana were too caught up in the creative aspects of their business to know that they were breaking the law worked.

According to WWD, after three hours behind closed doors, a five-member jury decided that “there was no ground for a case” and overturned the two previously issued sentences. The other defendants which included Cristiana Ruella, D&G’s general director; Finance Director Giuseppe Minoni and accountant Luciano Patelli, were also cleared of all wrong-doing as there was no grounds for a case.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana issued an official statement following the not guilty verdict: “We have always been honest and we are extremely proud of this recognition by the Italian Court of Justice. Viva l’Italia.”