Men’s Fashion Is Not Advancing


For example, men are contained in a “restricted” dress code whereas womens’ dress code is “elaborated,” Stannard said.

Men’s clothing is restricted because there are fewer socially acceptable options in colors and patterns, she said. Women’s clothing is elaborated because it can not only use traditional female styles but also incorporate men’s styles.

“It would be strange in our society to see a man wearing an oversized tunic, yet women wear oversized T-shirts and men’s sweatpants,” Stannard said.

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The sad thing about this is that men used to have wider range of choices of styles and colours – from heels (yes, it was invented for men in french court) to Sarong (that’s a man’s skirt) from Indonesia. While it is not particularly true that Men’s Fashion is not advancing but progression is moving slowly at a snail pace. Remember the time when wearing skinny jeans used to only be for gay and hipster men territories?