Quick Look: Riccardo Tisci & Erykah Badu For Paper Magazine






Riccardo Tisci and Erykah Badu for Paper Magazine October 2014.

Riccardo on Erykah:

“If I were to say a quote that defines her, it would be “Bow Down Bitches!” She has paved the way for so many of today’s artists. I see a lot of visuals and hear a lot of music nowadays that are related to her legacy. She is an icon in that way.

Erykah is the perfect Givenchy woman. She has that ambiguity, that contrast of high-end fashion meeting street culture. She’ll wear an haute couture dress with Nike sneakers without ever doubting the association. It is very rare for a designer to witness their vision of the woman come to life, and that’s what Erykah does for me. That’s why she is #verytisci.”

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All images courtesy of PaperMag.com