Product Exclusive: Luxury Scented Candles by MAISON

“I believe you should burn a candle with intention.”

And intention is exactly what Amanda Dyer, a ‘Jill of all trades’ has. The former international high-fashion model, networking queen and mumtrepreneur (who was even a dancer and runway model for Bryan Adams’ world tour concerts) can now add  business owner to her ever growing repertoire.

Her latest endeavour has involved creating a chic and delectable home-ware collection labeled MAISON by Amanda Dyer. The collection launched with a very unique and luxury candle range which is one of Amanda’s favourite passions and guilty pleasures. And here at ACE we’re all about guilty pleasures.

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Noticing that there was a gap in the market for candles which weren’t only scent based, and having input from friends who were sick of your standard run-of-the-mill candles, Amanda decided to take the bull by its horns and create her own luxury range.

“When I burn a candle, I typically have a reason for it,” says the former model and CEO. “Do I want to experience a scent that relaxes my tired mind, or do I want a fiery aroma to lift the spirits of any room?”

With these questions in mind, Amanda sought out and collaborated with a team of expert scent makers from Paris to develop and create MAISON’s signature Collection Privee range – CALM, FOCUS and PLAY.


CALM – With hints of Sandalwood and Cinnamon, this delectable scent will chase all your anxiety and stress away and bring you to a place of zen-like serenity.

FOCUS – Composed with some strong but subtle ingredients like Basil, Lemongrass and Mint, this is the perfect candle to light when you need to burn that mind night oil.

PLAY – In the mood for some fun? Then Play is the candle for you with an assortment of sexy scents such as Patchouli, with its aphrodisiac properties, as well as a sweet undertone of nutmeg to bring out your cheeky side.

So pick your scent and get ready to experience a culmination of decadent scents for your every mood.

MAISON by Amanda Dyer is now available for pre-purchase at

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All Images courtesy of: Maison by Amanda Dyer

Amanda is widely regarded as one of the leading social connectors among Singapore’s marketing, media and hospitality elites. In 2012, Amanda started The Living 360 Blog (, a lifestyle blog that has grown in popularity and is regarded today as one of the leading content curation websites around. As of today, Amanda Dyer has close to 200,000 people following her across multiple social media platforms.