Is John Galliano Set To Make A Comeback?

Designer John Galliano. Image courtesy of
Designer John Galliano. Image courtesy of

The rumour mills are blazing with talks of “disgraced” fashion designer John Galliano making his comeback with fashion Maison Martin Margiela.

Calling his return one that will be “bigger and better”, it is being said that the designer has been in discussion to start a haute couture line for Margiela, which seems like a suitable choice seeing as the fashion house has been without a creative director since 2009, after its founder, Belgian designer Martin Margiela, left the business.

After the Gibralter-born fashion designer was unceremoniously fired by Dior in 2011 after making anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris cafe, he made made his fashion return with a temporary residency at Oscar de la Renta’s studio in February 2013 in New York.

Although Galliano’s heralded collection with de la Renta that year was declared a huge success, it was decided the former Christian Dior designer would not make a full comeback with Oscar after they failed to come to terms over money and staff he required for his atelier.

Despite all this, the designer has made no secret about his desire to make a full comeback telling French newspaper Le Point in June this year:

“I have yet to design my best collection. The new Galliano will be even bigger and better.” He further explained: “I love working, it’s my therapy. I can draw until 4 in the morning every night and not feel tired,” and said of the therapy he’s undergone, “I’ve come face to face with my demons, medicine and alcohol. I have rebuilt myself again.”

Galliano’s rep however shuts all this speculation down by stating that the designer is in talks with a number of brands, and there’s nothing official with Margiela.

So we’ll just have to wait and see we suppose.