Vogue Redesigns Website to Look More News Friendly

On Wednesday, Vogue is expected to unveil a new website, its latest attempt to reflect the magazine’s ethos online. Both the editor in chief,Anna Wintour, and the creative director for digital, Sally Singer, acknowledge that Vogue’s site has yet to fulfill its potential and hope that this revamping represents a deeper change in what it offers web and mobile readers.

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We are actually quite excited for the unveiling. Vogue has been known to be in the forefront when it comes to fashion magazines so I am quite curious to see what it will be, come Wednesday. Will it more visual based like W magazine? Or will it more focused on Listicles like Refinery29?

If anything, we think Vogue.co.uk has been doing well so far and we hope that Vogue won’t be axing their feature stories section.