Could Virtual Models Replace The Supermodels?

Supermodels of the World.
Good Ol’ Days: Supermodels of the World.

The world’s most in-demand models could be replaced by a digital alternative in the near future. Make way for Ava the avatar.

Originally created as a way of “recording the motion of ballet dancers for both performance analysis and corrective coaching”, researchers reveal that “the techniques used to produce the avatar could have applications within a range of disciplines, including performing arts, sports and fashion”. Headed by two scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, the move could mean, “the end of the fashion world as we know it”, according to Science Daily.

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We don’t know how we feel about this as we are so excited about the advancement of technology (imagine your virtual-self trying on clothes without shedding so many layers during winter time) yet we are going to be stripped of the joy of watching fashion shows (Victoria’s Secret angels, people). 

Apart from that, a good model imparts his or her attitude fitting for the clothes like Naomi Campbell’s signature walk or, maybe, Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Vivacious’ sassy walk. It gives the clothes so much life.