Menswear: Do We Need London Collection: Men?

Craig Green SS 15
Photo Courtesy of Sean Cunningham

All lines point to the fact that Britain, a country entrenched in menswear history, needed a platform like LC:M to show its worth. Despite its Savile Rows, three-piece suits, and the Dandy, the UK’s modern outlook towards fashion was largely focused on womenswear while neighboring countries were making it big in menswear.

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We think that it is a nice idea to rejuvenate the interest in menswear back to London, after all, the men’s fashion industry keeps getting bigger. And as mentioned in the article, several studies have shown that global men’s fashion originated in London.

However, throwing another fashion week, even if it’s just a few days, in an already convoluted, polluted, hyper-crammed scene in which all the clothes blur into a few clicks, there is a need for a better strategy, offline and online, to make the London Collection: Men stand out.  Because from our previous exposure of this year’s event, the designers are really well worth watching.