Care for a little ‘Snog’?

If you thought seeing your parents kiss was a tad bit gross, this will be up there in the realm of things you wish you could unsee.

For his delightful series entitled ‘Snog’, famed British photographer John Rankin Wadell (known only as Rankin) captures couples of all genders, colours, creeds and ages engaged in passionate kisses. Young and old, Black and White, heterosexual and homosexual, you’ve got it all here.

Hoping to challenge cultural taboos surrounding public displays of affection, he has been able to photograph one of the most, if not the most intimate moments in a couples relationship.

Normally reserved for secret, hidden places, this series illustrates the tangling of tongues, the mess of lipstick and the inevitable clashing of teeth. Here, we are forced to face our own discomfort with PDA, allowing it to give way to an invigorating celebration of love.

Retrospective / Snog

Retrospective / Snog

Retrospective / Snog

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All images courtesy of Rankin Photography Ltd.