Marc Jacobs Appoints New CEO

Sebastian Suhl Sebastian Suhl
Sebastian Suhl
Sebastian Suhl

Here comes the fashion musical chairs.

The ‘Powers that Be’ at LVMH have announced the appointment of the new Marc Jacob International CEO, Sebastian Suhl. He will be replacing Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon who has held the position since 2006 in September.

Suhl’s track-record so far has been coloured with success by implementing his 4-year retail ambition to open 25 new boutiques for Givenchy and launching Prada IPO (initial offering) in 2011.

The feat which Marc Jacobs would like Suhl to successfully repeat as rumour has it that Marc Jacobs Int is gearing up for their own initial offering of IPO too.

It is widely believed that Louis Vuitton’s North Asia president and CEO Phillippe Fortunato is set to take over at the helm of Givenchy, while Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon will be “reassigned” within the luxury conglomerate.