Top 5 Male Models From Men’s Fashion Week on Instagram

The Men’s Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 is here. Apart from the gorgeous clothes, we have been inundated or, perhaps, buoyed by the beauties that are taking place outside the runways.

No, we are not talking about the street style, which is beautiful too, but we are talking about the male models. We can only wish we were in Milan or London to spot them on the street. So here are 5 hunks who are our top choices for male models on Instagram to follow, or to stalk, whichever you may see fit:

West night if you ask me fuck em! Have sum! City have won the fuckin league

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No rest days on my birthday just Finished a massive workout ..

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Bonus: We had the pleasure of meeting one of these gorgeous male models before, but are yet to get the chance at working with him. In due time, I say. 

Back training💥

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