Exclusive: Cities of Style – Scooting Away with Justin Bratton in Pudu

Hong Kong is a spell-binding city that quietly arrests you with its charm – with its unique combination of old and new world elements, the city offer visitors a myriad of things to do. We went to visit this great Asian city a few weeks ago for a short weekend. You can read more about it here.

We took a red-eye flight, a schedule perfect for people like us (perpetually busy) who wants to have a quick weekend getaway to recharge. Scoot has very comfortable planes – it has reasonable leg room, a diverse food selection, satisfying entertainment selection and great service (and even greater fares – check out their Morning Glory Tuesdays!)

Having actor/model Justin Bratton with us made the trip much more fun; there were no dull moments with his antics and non-stop banter keeping us entertained. As we quiet him down by dressing him up in comfortably stylish clothes from Pudu Singapore to prepare for a fashion shoot, we asked him some questions about his thoughts on travel.

ACE: What’s your idea of a perfect weekend getaway?

Justin: Having some good friends rendezvous at an exotic location is essential.  Combine that with some festive beverages accompanied by good music and you’re in business.

ACE: Favorite city destinations?

Justin: Bangkok and Hong Kong are definitely my top 2 city destinations.

ACE: What makes these cities your favorite?

Justin: Sure Bangkok has some of the best bar and restaurants in Asia, but what really makes it special is the unique energy radiating from this ancient megalopolis. All within a stone’s throw, a 5 star hotel towers over street food vendors hawking in front of a posh restaurant.  A motorcycle taxi passes a Ferrari as backpackers get out of a tuk tuk to ask business men in suits for directions.  A mass protest erupts and just a block over a cafe catering to a budding hipster scene overflows with artsy expats and locals. Such is the romantic paradox which makes Bangkok so amazing.

Hong Kong has it all.  The nightlife is second to none; fantastic bars and restaurants scatter across the city and beaches and hiking are all within quick car ride away.  Aesthetically it has its perks as well.  It would be hard to imagine a more picturesque setting for one of the world’s great cities. The brilliant skyline nestled between the bay and mountains makes for a surreal setting.

ACE: What was your first impression of Scoot?

Justin: There is so much room to scoot around!

ACE: What are your 3 travel must-have?

Justin: Phone – Sorry, but i have to be able let people know about all the awesomeness. University of Texas baseball cap – Keeps the sun out of my face and it just looks so stylish (to other Americans).My two toy Dinosaurs – They’ve become a bit of a lucky charm and they look adorable in pictures.

ACE: What are the cities or destinations to visit in your bucket list?

Justin: I definitely need to go check out Machu Pichu and Rio de Janeiro.  I still have yet to make it to South America.

ACE: Describe Hong Kong in one word.

Justin: Provocative

Here’s Justin garbed in the relax chic clothes from Pudu. Shot in the quirky and playful Pentahotel Kowloon Hong Kong by celebrity photographer Zurina Bryant.

Find out more about Pudu here.