Food Review: Chef Pascal Aussignac’s degustation menu @ The Cliff

Michelin-starred Chef Pascal Aussignac in action at The Singapore Resort & Spa's signature restaurant The Cliff

Touted as one of the best al-fresco restaurants in town, The Cliff at The Singapore Resort and Spa Sentosa is an experience to remember every time you visit.

Michelin-starred Chef Pascal Aussignac in action at The Singapore Resort & Spa's signature restaurant The Cliff
Michelin-starred Chef Pascal Aussignac in action at The Singapore Resort & Spa’s signature restaurant The Cliff

Overlooking the South China sea, earlier this week, The Cliff played host to Michelin-Starred Chef Pascal Aussignac, co-owner of flagship Michelin star restaurant Club Gascon in London. Chef Aussignac put together a beautiful 6-course Dinner that had the French heartiness with a touch of London – a befitting amalgamation of Chefs Aussignacs Toulouse heritage and his English tête-à-tête.


The Degustation Menu started with a Tapenade surprise.  Deep fried crusted little flavor bursts of black olives that were light and just right to start the evening.


The second course made its way through in a beautiful array of Pressed Foie Gras and Crab, Pastis and Spicy Tomato Coulis.

This is where you begin to realize where the Chef is setting his tone for the meal. Each and every course in the meal is a delectable ensemble of soft and hard – “ Just like Land and Sea” in Chef’s own words.

The foie gras was impeccable in its finer texture and the tomato coulis really enhanced its richness and flavor. The pastis addition gave you that aniseed kick that made this course one of my favourites.

Cappucino of Black Pudding, Lobster and Asparagus was perhaps one of the most unusual offerings to my palate. Black Pudding’s rich and salty flavor fights for your attention, while the sweet lobster adds the balance this dish requires to really set it apart as something that will linger in your mind after the dinner


The next course from the menu needs to etch in your memory because it’s as thoughtful in its presentation as it is in composition. Amber Tulips, Saffron and Mouclade takes you by surprise as Chef brings back something that has been long forgotten and infuses it with Tulips – something that most people don’t even think about eating. The result is a rich flowery aroma of the tulip enhance with saffron and mouthful of mouclade to close this chapter.


Charolais beef Variation, caviar and ox sauce can easily be identified as Chef’s signature dish. The 3 different styles of beef cuts – some soft and some not, melt in your mouth with Ox sauce providing you with the tanginess that goes really well with the meat. This remains on top of my recommendation list and highlight of the menu.

Hitting my palate strong and bold next up was Roquefort Macaroon with crushed Rancio and Peated Whisky. This course is not for the faint-hearted as the macaroon will catch you unaware with its strong cheese offering and awakens you up for the desert. Highly recommended to dip in with a hint of whisky for the smokey flavor and aftertaste.

The last course in this very interesting culinary art was the desert that is so fresh and borderline sinful. Black olive Millionaire, Thyme Ice cream and Lemon gel was a perfect ending to this piquant French saga. All in all, a must try menu for every culinary connoisseur.


Chef Pascal Aussignac is the first amongst the Michelin-starred guests lined-up at The Cliff, The Singapore Resort and Spa.

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Review by

Rohhit Gandhi (@rohhit7)