5 Best Dressed Men At The Met Gala

Don’t get bored yet, you have not seen the last of the MET gala. It seems unfair that ladies get more attention and we would like to give the same spotlight being bestowed to them, upon the gentlemen as well.

This year’s theme is Charles James: Beyond Fashion – and the gentlemen have been tasked with a very strict white-tie formal dress code. This list is in random order as we feel it is not fair to play favourites with each of the dashing gentlemen we feature. Marvel at these statues-que beauties below:

1. Roberto Bolle

Roberto Bello at Met Gala 2014
Monica Belluci and Roberto Bello at Met Gala 2014

If you have not been basked by the limelight of this live-version of the renaissance sculpted marble statue, then time to hop on the stan train. This Italian danseur is a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. The pairing of the gloves and the shoes can be a bit much (I wish he opted out of the shoes, remember the “peacocking” rule) but we like men who are daring. Plus, if you have ethereal beauty like this naked and on a horse, there is no harm in covering up only to find the good bits later at the end of the evening, no?

Roberto Bello for Vanity Fair
Roberto Bello for Vanity Fair


2. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch for Met Ball 2014
Benedict Cumberbatch for Met Ball 2014. Image courtesy of GQ.

Mr. Cumberbatch has been playing with the high-end of fame as of late with many acting roles to boast about. There is nothing that we could fault for in his three-piece suit, it is just immaculately classic. If people are baffled on where the charm lies in him, he is better in motion or when he speaks – that British accent can go a long way to serenade our ears.

3. Zac Posen

Zac Posen Met Gala 2014
Zac Posen


We love men who take risk when it comes to dressing and being a fashion designer, that is like a necessity. This look might garner a lot of dividing responses like when Moses parted the Red Sea but the suit definitely stands up in the hordes of boring tuxedos. One question though Mr. Posen, did you steal the cape from Andre Leon Talley’s closet?

4. David Beckham

David Beckham at the Met Gala 2014
David Beckham at the Met Gala 2014. Photo courtesy of GQ.


David Beckam looks dashing on his own but with Victoria Beckham in tow, they just look perfect together. His suit compliments nicely with Victoria Beckham simple white gown. It would have been nice if David’s pants were also in white. Don’t you agree?

5. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer on Met Gala 2014
Matt Bomer on Met Gala 2014

When it comes to the theme, there is no one following it more closely and more perfectly than Matt Bomer. Elegantly dressed in a white-tie with a well-suited length on this shirt, the silhouette is not as busy as Mr. Cumberbatch, giving a nice elongated feel to his entire look.